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13th April 2012

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You have got to see this bike. →

Jesse Hilliard’s rediculous retro direct drive bicycle.  Super cool. 

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9th June 2011

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The Bicycle Cap by peSeta for the New Museum from casa peSeta on Vimeo.


two of my favorite things made love.





That is pretty cool.  Gotta love human ingenuity. 

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24th November 2010

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Doomtree-Drumsticks.  I can’t believe that I didn’t see this video before yesterday.  Rolling through the city on a bicycle is one of my favorite things about Minneapolis and this is a great soundtrack for it.  From Doomtree’s Crew Record, 2008.

Easter Egg: MPLSBikelove spoke card

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25th October 2010


An air-bag bicycle “helmet”?  Really…?  

It actually looks like it would work but I don’t know about the $450 price tag.  You could buy a top of the line Giro, Specialized AND Lazer helmet for about that much.

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